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48 Hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

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HANOI, VIETNAM ' 48 hours may not sound like enough time to experience everything Hanoi provides, but also in a tourist-friendly city like this, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can accomplish.
As Vietnam's capital city for nearly a thousand years, Hanoi is certainly considered the country's cultural center. Hanoi's many museums, embassies and holy shrines to the late Ho Chi Minh reveal the rich history forgotten by its storied dynasties. However, with new high-rises going up, and cars and motorbikes multiplying daily, it's also a city about the verge. Life in Hanoi is becoming faster all the time. Split your time and energy between the city's historic Old Quarter and require a day day at Halong Bay for maximum benefit. Here's a guide on how to get the most through your two days inside city.
Check to the Medallion Hanoi Hotel inside heart of the Old Quarter. This three star boutique hotel is clean, provides a decent breakfast having an omelet station, which is walking distance to a few attractions. Request a room away through the street in order to limit noise. While located beside a bustling and distinctly lower class hostel next door, the Medallion is just the best accommodation option inside the Old Quarter. Address: 11 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District. Telephone: (+84 4) 3926-1302.
Walk around and learn all the fantastic shops and boutiques the Old Quarter provides! Especially prized by French tourists are the country's lacquerware. The Lacquer Shop comes with a wide range of handicrafts and furniture at competitive prices. Coconut shells which has a gilded lacquer interior are a particularly popular souvenir. Address: 28 Ta Hien Street. Telephone: (+84 4) 3926-1332.
Another popular shopping options t-shirt chain store Papaya. Claiming to 'help children and our mother earth in Vietnam,' this store sells a wide variety of t-shirts suitable for gifts. Address: Across the street from The Lacquer Shop.
Have lunch on the Blue Butterfly Caf??. A short walk through the Medallion Hotel, this popular caf?? serves delicious fried spring rolls and other Vietnamese specialties for reasonable prices. Ordering so-called 'Irish Coffee' would be a bit of a surprise. Instead of coffee plus a splash of Irish whiskey, I was served having a glass of Bailey's Irish Cr??me, Irish Whiskey, and Kahlua! Address: 61 Hang Buom Street. Telephone: (+84 4)3926-3845.
Take a taxi for the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Built with Russian aid, this can be Vietnam's definitive museum dedicated on the life and points during the the Communist leader. Documents, photographs, artifacts and tableaux are shown to trace Ho's passage from birth to death, along with the evolution of his philosophy and vision for Vietnam's future. The museum is closed on Mondays and Fridays. Admission is 25,000 dong. Address: 19 Ngoc Ha Street, Ba Dinh. Telephone: (+84 4) 846-3572.
Have dinner at The Rooftop. Offering among the best views of Hanoi's skyline, The Rooftop offers a few of the city's most sophticated cocktails, a thorough wine list, plus an eclectic menu. Of course, these views and Western standards will lead to paying for the privilege. Address: 19th floor, Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet, Ho??n Kiem District. Telephone: (+84 4) 3946-1902.
Have breakfast inside your hotel and leave to Halong Bay. A four hour drive from Hanoi, Halong Bay is without a doubt the country's greatest natural treasure plus a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boasting a stunning 3,000 lush limestone islands, the bay boasts a suite of natural wonders such as illuminated caves, emerald grottos and sandy beaches. If you have any issues pertaining to where by and how to use halong bay day tour (link web page), you can call us at our webpage. A short day cruise, exploring some caves, and eating lunch on board your boat will easily last 4 to 5 hours.
After you arrive back Hanoi, drop by Le Pub because of their daily happy hour specials and food options. No vacation to Vietnam is complete without sampling the country's finest beer: Bierre Larue. Address: 25 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District. Phone: (+84 4) 3926 2104.
In Vietnam, men often deal with men and women usually deal with women. Addressing an opposite member of the sex is regarded as somewhat direct. If possible, divide interactions determined by gender.
The Vietnamese currency will be the dong. You can exchange currency most of the following ways: with a bank, through an authorized exchange bureau or in a hotel reception desk. The best rates are in banks, but exchange bureaus will be the most convenient option, as they're open longer hours. Most major charge cards should be accepted in any major city or popular tourist spot. Additionally, US dollars are eagerly accepted virtually everywhere.
Vietnamese generally expect foreigners to tip, and might request one. However, the 15-20% rates which can be common inside West may be much less here. Even 10,000 dong will be warmly received.
Vietnam is often a safe country, and you should protect your belongings how you would anywhere. The biggest threat to non-public safety likely emerges through the zooming e-bikes that clog roads. Skilled drivers are unlikely heading to you, but keep alert when stepping off sidewalks.
A surprising quantity of Vietnamese taxi drivers and vendors speak English and they are quite needing to engage in conversation.
asked Feb 25, 2016 by Fredrick53X6 (120 points)

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